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Mon Mar 18 09:38:16 PDT 2013

Second call for assistance.... see below.

Imagine the experience you will gain!

Arthur Willetts
SBE Chapter 16 Chairman

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Subject: Chapter Election Committee Help Needed
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 15:02:41 -0700

Chapter 16 Members,

The Chapter 16 Board will be forming the Nominations & Elections Committee at the next Board Meeting on Tuesday night.

If you'd like to participate in the process of the election of the Board Members, you may contact me via replying to this email or to chair at sbe16.org.

I have been a part of  the Nominations & Elections Committee in recent years, and it has been a great way for me to get to know some my fellow Members, and even learn how the Chapter functions.  Additionally, my participation has provided a benefit far beyond than just Chapter affairs, and extending into my professional career development.

This committee will exist for three months, with its culmination in the election process at the June Chapter meeting.  The job requirement of the committee is separated into three areas:  Acquisition & Confirmation of nominees, Development of the Election, and Overseeing the Election.  Directions will be given to make you feel comfortable with the tasks involved.

You do not have to attend the Board meetings for the next three months.  It would be helpful if you did.  However, you will have to schedule a time to contact the other N & E Committee Members and to allow time complete your tasks.  Teamwork is important!

Take this opportunity to help out the Chapter.  There is already one volunteer.  At least two more volunteers are needed, and more are happily accepted as there is no limit to this committee size.

Please give my request some consideration.  And especially give some thought to nominating either yourself or another member to the Chapter Board when the election process begins next month.  Like I've mentioned above, service to the Chapter has many rewards.

I am looking forward to a having a terrific Chapter election this year!

Arthur Willetts
SBE Chapter 16 Chairman
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