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SBE Regulatory Update
SBE urges FCC to reject CTIA band proposal
March 19, 2013 - The SBE has urged the FCC in the strongest terms to reject the unsupported and reckless suggestion made by CTIA last week that the band 2095-2110 MHz, or any portion of the critically important and heavily occupied Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) allocation at 2025-2110 MHz, should be considered for reallocation.

Yesterday, SBE President, Ralph Hogan sent a letter to the FCC Commissioners, expressing disagreement with recommendations made by CTIA, The Wireless Association, to reallocate a significant portion to mobile broadband on the 2 GHz BAS band.

CTIA's proposal would preclude all local news coverage of events in television markets, the reporting of which is critical to the safety of the public and critical to localism in video delivery to viewers.

CTIA's proposal would deprive television viewers, regardless of their chosen delivery method (over-the-air broadcast television, cable, fiber or satellite) of the ability to view events as they happen and to respond to them appropriately. It would also preclude virtually all televised sports and major events, which cannot be aired without access to the entire 2025-2110 MHz band in all markets.

A copy of the SBE letter to the FCC Commissioners may be accessed here and is posted on the SBE website. 

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