[SBE16-Seattle] Job Opening

Clay Freinwald k7cr at blarg.net
Tue Mar 19 10:38:31 PDT 2013

If the job at KCTS is not to your cup of tea - How about a short trip to
Vermont ?

Hall Communications Radio Group in Burlington, Vermont is accepting
applications for a full-time Chief Engineer. Duties include overseeing two
separate physical office/studio buildings, most local IT issues, maintenance
of studios and other broadcast equipment. Audiovault experience preferred.
There are three remote tower sites monitored by a contract engineer, one
AM/FM transmitter site collocated at one of the studio sites. Two remote FM
sites are in NY and the third site is in VT. Candidate will oversee all
sites. Must be familiar with day to day FCC requirements. Must be available
to start in early May, 2013. Must have a valid driver's license and clean
driving record. You had better like snow and cold weather!

 Excellent benefit package. Send resume and qualifications to Edd Monskie.
Email me directly, not on this site.

Clay's notes - 

If you have not been to Burlington, it's a very pretty place, between Lake
Champlain and the Mountains.   A love of winter snow would be helpful.

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