[SBE16-Seattle] George Bisso

Clay Freinwald k7cr at blarg.net
Wed Mar 20 19:15:05 PDT 2013

To say the least George left his mark on the radio side of this industry.
I recall first meeting him at the Ram at Northgate.He had recently moved up
from the Sacramento area of California.   When I started the project that
would become the first broadcast site on West Tiger, he was involved with
the planning of the facility on behalf of KMPS..Always eager to contribute.
George had a very kind side and would often come to the aid of many in their
time of need.   He had a number of loves - Marti RPU systems, Continental FM
Transmitters and Audio Processing.   In more recent years he got his Amateur
Radio license, KD7LXB which he quickly changed to his initials with the
vanity call of W7GLB.      Along the way he was also involved with helping
NOAA Weather Radio and the WWCIC (Western Washington Cooperative
Interference Committee) the latter was right up his alley as he loved to
hunt down those pesky signals that would crop up where you did not want
them.   Lets not forget the time he spent as our local, below 1 Gig
Frequency Coordinator.    Not many radio chiefs were as active as George
was.He will be remembered by many for a long time.


Clay Freinwald




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Sad to hear for sure.  I appreciated his help from time to time in loaning
us gear over at KBCS.  He bailed me out when a controller card bit the dust
on our Audio Engine.


On 3/20/13 4:12 PM, "John Price" <JPrice at entercom.com> wrote:

Thanks Rob and Marc.  When he was at KMPS, Big George along with Arne helped
me years ago when my Explorer got stuck near Purple Rock on the old road to
WTM.  Rest easy George.
John Price

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Some sad news.

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After a courageous battle with many health issues, I am sad to inform you
that our former Chief Engineer George Bisso has passed this morning.
As soon as we learn about funeral arrangements, we will share them with you.
Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.


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