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Yah - If you are not getting enough rain here ..


Looks like an item for the W.G. - Jim Dalke handles this portion 




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Need a gig in SE Alaska?

-- Stephen S. Lockwood, P.E. Hatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers 9500
Greenwood Ave N Seattle, WA, USA Phone 206 783 9151 www.hatdaw.com 

Dear Mr. Lockwood:


I found your name on a website connected with the Alaska chapter of the SBE,
and am hoping you can help me.


I'm working with a colleague in Baltimore (Tom Livingston of Livingston
Associates, www.livingstonassociates.net) in an effort to identify
candidates for the chief engineer position at CoastAlaska in Juneau.  As you
may know, CoastAlaska (www.coastalaska.org) is a seven-station public radio
network in southeast Alaska, with transmitters and stations located in
Juneau, Sitka, Petersburg, Ketchikan, and Wrangell.


In addition to looking for someone interested in moving to Juneau, I'd like
to reach out to the Alaska engineering community as well.  Can you help me
with this?  What is the best way to spread the word to engineers in Alaska
and the Pacific northwest about this opportunity?


This looks like a great opportunity for the right person. 


I've attached a copy of the job description for your information.  If you
have other questions let me know and we can have a short phone conversation.


Thanks very much for your help.




Craig Curtis




Craig Curtis | Broadcast consultant


1873 Pepper Drive

Altadena, CA 91001


651-226-7814 | ccurtisradio at gmail.com








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