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You're correct Arne, Mary and Harry both worked at the former KJR
transmitter site on the west waterway overnights for several years until we
finally received remote control authorization from the Commission.  


Whether giving me with updates about Port of Seattle activity around the KJR
TX site, or when I had to occasionally dispatch to work on one of the
transmitters at 2AM, Mary always greeted me with the same bright smile and
positive attitude.  Besides being a wonderful employee, Mary was a friend
and ambassador to Amateur Radio and ARRL, whether volunteering as a VE, or
taking tickets at the Mike and Key Puyallup swap meet, Mary was to say the
least, a very active senior.  Most of us can only hope to be as full of
energy and engaged with our hobbies at that stage in life.


R.I.P. Mary.


Kelly Alford           


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Mary was a great person. Very active doing her ARRL thing. I do believe she
worked at KJR AM during the mid 90's keeping the old directional system
especially at night in tolerance as that whole area of the port was in
constant change. When that period ended I'm not sure KJR then moved to the
new facility on the duwamish. I remember 1996 well as 1300 was burned. 

RIP mary


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This a.m. we received word that Mary Lewis, W7QGP, has become a Silent Key.
Mary was very involved in the ARRL at the division and section levels. She
was an Elmer to many of us. Gary Lewis, WA7BBJ, Mary's son, has provided the
following QST


QST QST QST to all Amateur Radio Operators.


It is with great sorrow that I must announce at this time, the passing of
MARY LEWIS, W7QGP on March 12th 2013.


Mary's love of life and Ham Radio lead her to serve the Ham Radio community
over the years as an:


ARRL assistant Section Manager, and as a ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator
for Western Washington.


Past ARRL Director Northwestern Division, Section Communications Manager for
Washington and Section Manager for Western Washington.


Mary was also a Life member of the American Radio Relay League and the
Quarter Century Wireless Association. She was also a member of Quarter
Century Wireless Woman and Young Ladies Radio League.


Retired from Broadcasting and a member of "The Society of Broadcast

Mary was a member of the Western Washington DX Club, North Seattle Amateur
Club, Mike & Key Amateur Radio Club and the Mount Baker Amateur Radio Club.


Mary and her husband Harry were part of the Original Founding Members that
helped create the Western Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System. A traffic
handling system still in use today by many Amateur Radio Operators.


Mary is survived by her husband Harry W7JWJ, her daughter Diana K7ETY, and
her son Gary WA7BBJ. As well as, 4 Grandchildren, and 3 Great Grandchildren.


Mary will be missed by the Ham Radio Community, her family and friends.
Memorial services for Mary will be announced later when the details are


The family is requesting that you do not send flowers. Cards can be sent to:
Harry W. Lewis PO Box 5204 Lacy WA 98509-5204.

Any cash donations received will go toward the purchase of an ARRL Diamond
Terrace Memorial Brick to remember Mary Lewis W7QGP as a Silent Key.


(To be sent in Morse Code if possible)

._  ._  _ . . _  ..  ._ _ .. ._.. ._..  _ _ .. . .  _. _ _  _ _ _ .._ ._ .
_.. ._..

v     v    test       I    will             miss         you          


_.. .  ._ _  _ _ _... _ _._ _ _. ._ _.   . _._

de                   W7QGP                      SK


End of QST


The impact Mary had on us and our hobby will not be forgotten and she will
be missed. Please take a few minutes to pass condolences to the Lewis




Monte, K2MLS



ARRL Western Washington Section

Section Manager: Monte L Simpson, K2MLS

 <mailto:k2mls at arrl.org> k2mls at arrl.org



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