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>From the Portland SBE Chapter 124 remailer for all you Chapter 16 Members who are going to be in Beaverton and are interested in NFC.


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Subject: [SBE-PDX] FW: IEEE Speaker: "Role of Near Field Communications in the future of Digital Wallet"

Oregon IEEE Communication/Photonic/UFFC Society Chapter presents

"Role of NFC in the future of Digital Wallet"
Speaker: Sunil Jain,
Intel Corporation


Date:    16-April-2013
Place:  Tektronix Building 38 Atrium, 3025 SW Zworykin Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon
Costs:     Free and open to the public -registration required at


Meeting Agenda:

6:00 ~ 6:50 Social (Pizza and refreshment provided)

6:50 ~ 7:00 Introductions and Announcements 

7:00 ~ 8:15 Presentation and Q&A


Digitization of the traditional wallet is inevitable. Wallet is the next killer app for mobile. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a wireless technology that is rapidly becoming the de-facto
 interface for Wallet transactions in handsets. In this session, we will discuss: a) the anatomy of the digital Wallet and NFC, b) how the two domains intersect, c) how NFC usage extends beyond wallet through domains such as Smartcards and RFIDs, and d) the
 challenges that will emerge at the intersections of these technologies. Please feel free to send any specific questions or requests to the speaker in advance @
sunil.k.jain at intel.com


Sunil Jain is a Senior Manager at Intel in Hillsboro. He currently leads Intel PC Client Group’s strategy and planning for Near Field Communication (NFC) and digital Wallet, and also Co-Chairs the NFC Forum's SIG Committee. Prior to joining Intel in 1999, Sunil
 was the Founder and CEO of Span Mechnotronix Ltd. Sunil takes pride in fostering innovation. He actively contributes to industry through keynotes, panels, tutorials, workgroups, and mentoring. Sunil holds multiple patents and publications.

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