[SBE16-Seattle] An Honest Message from the Chairman

Arthur Willetts arthur.willetts.jr at hotmail.com
Tue May 27 12:14:44 PDT 2014

Society of Broadcast Engineers Chapter 16 Members,

DON"T MISS THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!  I'm sure you will agree that those words have achieved a "cliche-like" status.  And for many of us in the broadcast business, that pitch line has probably formed the beginning of what eventually turned into our bread and butter.  Therefore, we know how important it is to - ACT NOW!

Now is indeed an important time to act toward applying your name to the ballot for the next SBE Chapter 16 Board term, which begins September 1st and lasts only 365 days!  Training is provided.  Board meeting times and places are flexible to everyone's schedule.

BUT WAIT!  THAT'S NOT ALL!  You may ask yourself, "What can I achieve by becoming a SBE Chapter 16 Board Officer?"  Here's where the honest part of the message comes in.

This is one of the last emails I will send you about the upcoming election.  And it does give me a truly exciting opportunity to tell you to not miss another exciting opportunity to gain leadership skills that will benefit your life & career, no matter what position, title or, status you may hold.

If you are keeping in-tune with our organizations' many educational offerings, you know that obtaining leadership skills doesn't come cheap or easy.  Just take a look at the Society of Broadcast Engineers Leadership Development Course offered every year to get an idea of where, when, and how much is required;  http://www.sbe.org/sections/SBELeadershipCourse.php .  A lot of the things that you can learn there, can also be learned over time at the local level, at a more leisurely pace and certainly at a lesser expense.

What kinds of things will becoming a Chapter 16 Board Officer say about you?  Your participation will say that you challenge yourself for advancement.  It will say that you are able to take on additional responsibilities for growth.  It will say that you can get any job accomplished, and for the benefit of more than just yourself.  It will say that you are able to work within a team environment.

I can personally attest that you'll gain a sense of pride and knowing that you are helping other broadcast engineers and broadcast workers to be recognized for their achievements, helping them become more educated in their fields, and keeping them informed of the latest news pertaining to our careers.  I am grateful to have accepted the call of duty.   I have reaped the rewards of my commitment, and I sincerely want you all to come to know this same experience for yourself.  Any past or present Board Officer will agree with my words of praise about this.

Below is how the ballot looks at this time:

Chairman - Marty Hadfield

Vice Chairman/Program Chair - 

Secretary - 

Treasurer - Jon Monroe

Board Director # 1 - (position not available for this election, as exiting Chairman takes seat)

Board Director # 2 - Jon Kasprick

As you can see, there are no nominees for the Vice Chairman & Secretary seats.  These positions will need to be filled to complete the Board.  Additionally, you can see that the other seats are uncontested with only one nominee.  Do not feel like those positions are closed for more nominees as this is a democratic process, not an appointment to office.

Previous Chapter 16 Board Officers are eligible to re-join the Board 
again.  However, I think as a past Board Officer you can provide the 
enticement for Chapter service to other Members, with whom you recognize as having potential 
leadership abilities.  Talk to them and tell them how being on the Board benefited your career.  Also, let the Nominations & Election Committee know how to find them.

For the rest of you Members, I am gladly accepting your nominations or candidacy announcement - right now.  The ballot will need to be finalized by this weekend.

THIS OFFER IS AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME!  The election and voting begins this Sunday, June 1st.

Arthur Willetts
SBE Chapter 16 Chairman


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