[SBE16-Seattle] Waveguide Online: Picnic Review and more!

John Schneider jschneid93 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 06:30:53 PDT 2017

Hi Jim,

Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list for the Waveguide.

I have one factual correction:  KIRO was not the first 50 KW station West
of the Mississippi.   KFI in Los Angeles and KPO (KNBR) San Francisco
preceded them by almost ten years. However, it WAS the first 50 KW station
in the Northwest.

I hope to see you are the next Ch. 16 Christmas party.

John Schneider

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*Pictures and Videos*

     *www.sbe16.org <http://www.sbe16.org>  *

Also in todays issue:

*September Luncheon

      with Robert Orban

*Clays Corner

      Summer Weather

*Certification News

       Cert Prep & CPBE

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